Yu Kurosaki Aogami No.2 Mirror Finished JP

Yu Kurosaki Aogami No.2 Mirror Finished JP

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Authentic Japanese food, specifically ‘sushi’, is a world phenomenon. The popularity of sushi has spread throughout the entire world with its heavenly, divine flavors coming from a fine selection of raw ingredients and a mixture of the latter exoticness blends along with the delicate, subtle flavors of authentic Japanese cooked rice. Diners are impressed and surprised with the flavors of raw ingredients cut into thin slices and various-sized pieces that marks perfection in the tasting experience.

For Japanese food lovers, every single process of sushi-making is essential to witness, especially when dining in an Omakase restaurant. Despite the reservations needed to be made beforehand, Omakase restaurants are specialized dining places that showcase Master Chefs’ signature dishes according to seasonal ingredients – this way, diners will always be surprised of each chef’s prepared dishes at each visit.

As the processes to cook Japanese food and craft delicate dishes are intricate, it cannot be denied that among the skills that require the highest knowledge and practice is no other than the skills of the blade. Japanese food, especially sushi, requires professional knife skills to create the perfect balance in tastes between thin slices of raw ingredients and the authentic Japanese cooked rice with vinegar, sugar, and salt. The blends of these major ingredients can never be in equilibrium without the proper use of the knife.

Therefore, Japanese food lovers not only place a strong importance on the tastes of Japanese food, but also place an emphasis on the beauty of using the Japanese knife to create delicate sushi pieces.

This is also supported by the presence of sushi tables and bare sushi bars so that all processes can be witnessed by the diners. After the special-made sushi pieces are crafted, chefs will place them on the prepared plates and serve on the spot. Not only do they showcase their swift cuts and chops, but also the selection of fresh ingredients to ensure highest satisfaction from diners.

With all being said, Japanese knives are very important to craft Japanese dishes. Be it Maki, Nigiri, or just sashimi dishes, the skills to properly slice, cut, and chop ingredients will determine the food tastes. Without a strong foundation in cutting skills, crafting delicious, mouth-watering sushi pieces would be a challenge. However, if a chef has abundant skills in slicing, chopping, and cutting ingredients, just any sushi menu can be prepared.

Among the famous Japanese knife brands, Yu Kurosaki tops the charts with its unique features.

The appearance like that of a warrior’s also made it one of the favorites among knife collectors. Yu Kurosaki Aogami No.2 Mirror Finished JP is a knife which has an Aoko or blue paper no.2 steel made from the well-known Yasugi steel as its base material. The blade itself is highly durable and efficient to perform various kinds of sushi cutting techniques, including the swift chops and clean slices.

Yu Kurosaki Aogami No.2 Mirror Finished JP is among the other Yu Kurosaki models with extreme blade durability, with the special hardness feature from the ‘new ceramic’ technology. Professional chefs and skilled users will definitely enjoy the usage of this knife as it helps to enhance all cooking processes like a pro. The Yu Kurosaki Aogami No.2 Mirror Finished JP knife is well-loved by top-tier Japanese chefs and professionals as the blade material, handle, extreme durability, balance, and superb sharpness makes it simple, yet a great tool to have alongside the cooking of challenging, intricate Japanese dishes.

Although amateurs or novices can also use this knife, the Yu Kurosaki Aogami No.2 Mirror Finished JP is a model most recommended for professionals and top-class chefs to create perfect dishes, yet also a blade worth collecting.